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Why give?

What is the denier for?

The Catholic Church ensures its missions thanks to the generosity of the faithful: since 1905, the first of its resources is the Denarius of the Church, this financial contribution paid annually by the Catholics to their diocese is intended to ensure the material life of the priests .
The Denier is not a gift like any other. It appeals to a sense of belonging and fidelity to the Church, so that those who are more specifically in charge of proclaiming the Gospel and sustaining the Church, have a fair remuneration.
How much to give?
As an indication, the average donation to Denier in France is 140 euros, and traditionally the donation to the denier is about 1% of the net income of the household.Everyone must give according to his possibilities. Any participation, no matter how modest, is precious.

Who can give?

Anyone of age who has an income.
 Other fundraising campaigns
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You can help financially:
  •  the parishes through the autumn campaign (operational expenses, or local pastoral projects ...).
  • Or the diocese by participating in the financing of the training of seminarians.
Each collection campaign is important because it helps to finance a specific object, one does not replace the other! THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY
The [organization_name] is a Catholic religious association, declared at the Prefecture of Gers on July 19, 1926

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